Portland Violin Lessons


Sohyun has been playing violin since she was 6 years old.
She studied the Suzuki Method as a young violinist and developed classical techniques from her teacher at the Curtis Institute of Music.
She received her Bachelor's degree in Japan and also speaks three languages fluently.
She has taught in English, Korean and Japanese.
Sohyun currently performs in multiple Orchestras in Portland metro area and she will continuously encourage you to participate in numerous musical events around the community.

Here is a video clip of one of her orchestra concerts with a winner of the young artist competition in 2014.

Sohyun values passion and patience as well as the musical techniques in teaching.
Experience in teaching is also critical to young students. Sohyun has been helping local school orchestras for last two years. She believes that each student is different with regards to learning styles and musical goals.

"I believe music is critical in the development of a well rounded education. Music helps socialization, self-confidence, language development and aids children and adults alike with concentration, a particularly important gift today, given the multitude of distractions in our daiy lives."-sohyun-

Sohyun welcomes you and the opportunity to join in your musical journey!