Portland Violin Lessons

What Role does a Violin play in an Orchestra?

Determination. It usually has one of the major parts in the music. Violinists devided into two sections, First violins and Second Violins and they play together around melodic lines with different notes.
The violin is also the solo instrument in many symphonic pieces. Many violinists composed and played concertos, sonatas,etc. Mozart, Paganini, and Vivaldi are well known violinists and also famous composers.

How do I find the right violin for me?


For the beginner, there are two options. Rent or Purchase.
Some shops will let you apply part of your rental fees towards the purchase of an instrument, but you should always ask about this ahead of time and not count on this being the case.
It is possible to buy a good violin online, but be wary of extremely cheap violins.
It is best if you test a violin before making a decision and don't forget to borrow other musician's ears to test tone, response and etc, or let the other person play and listen!

How to care the instrument?

  1. Keep the instrument in the case when not using it and latch it.
  2. Never set the instrument on its side.
  3. Wipe with a soft cloth after every use.
  4. Clean the rosin off the strings with a seperate cloth.
  5. Never remove all the strings at once. The sound-post may fall.
  6. Do not attempt any repairs by yourself.
  7. NEVER leave the instrument in a car or trunk of the car.